Terms & conditions

Conditions of participation in “Unedited” in Barcelona.

Organiser: GaleriaZero / The Netherlands - Zandheuvel 52b, 4901 HW, Oosterhout, NL

Location: Valid World Hall - Buenaventura Muñoz 6, Barcelona 08018

1. Event Description:

These conditions establish the terms and conditions for the artist's participation in the mentioned art exhibition to be held from June 11 to 15 June, 2024 in Barcelona.

2.The artist agrees to contribute a participation fee in line with the selected option, to cover expenses related to the exhibition. This contribution will be used to cover costs, including but not limited to, venue rental, marketing, logistics, and others related to the event.

3. Transportation and Customs Expenses:

The artist will be responsible for the transportation of their works to the “Valid World Hall” and any associated customs expenses. The gallery will not be responsible for costs or issues related to transportation and customs.

4. Removal of Artworks:

The artist agrees to promptly remove their works from the exhibition, following the instructions provided by the gallery, once the exhibition concludes.

5. Liability:

The gallery will not be responsible for any possible damage or loss of the artworks during the exhibition. It is expected that the artist has appropriate insurance to cover any eventualities.

6. Advertising and Promotion:

Both parties agree to collaborate on the promotion of the exhibition. The gallery agrees to include the artist's work in promotional materials, and the artist agrees to use their networks and platforms to promote the event. * Only designs and content provided by GaleriaZero may be used. (except previous permission)

7. Image Rights:

The artist grants the gallery the non-exclusive right to use images of the artworks for promotional purposes.

8. General Conditions:

Application represents the entire agreement between the parties and may only be amended in writing and with mutual consent.

Both parties have read and agreed to the mentioned terms and conditions.

gray concrete wall inside building
gray concrete wall inside building