Why should you have an individual virtual exhibition?

It will improve te visibility of your work. Many people who could not visit your exhibitions, may experience this way the feel of seeing many of your work together in a bautiful art gallery space.

What are the advantages to realize this with GaleriaZero?

As your artshow will be a professional curated exhibition encouraged by art gallery GaleriaZero, your work will gain in confidence and credibility. It will be an important plus for your professional

What may I expect?

1) 10, 20 or 30 of your artworks,included in a beautiful virtual exhibition . 2) A professional and attractive lay-out of your exhibition in a personalized space. 3) Your exhibition will not only be promoted by means of a direct link, but can also embed in your website(s). The content can also be downloaded as a PDF ctalogue.

  • GaleriaZero will not take any commissions and sales will be a direct matter between the artist and the buyer.


We are looking forward to create a beautiful presentation of your work.

APPLY HERE by answering a few questions here below. We also need the following info from you: Images of high quality ( jpeg- not larger than 2mb), A list with detailed information about the works: title, year of creation, used media, sizes - salesprice. To send by WeTrensfer or in a compressed folder (WinZip) to submission@galeriazero.info

* Use the Paypal button to formalize your payment.

Once you have submitted the form you can formalize your virtual exhibition by pressing the Paypal or Credit card button and select your option.

General rule: If your application would not be approved for any reason, the paid amount will be reimbursed in 24 hours.